Help me with this secret sound please!!!!!!!!!!?

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Ok so my local radio station is doing a secret sound contest for $6,400 dollars and I really want to win it so I can give it to my mother because she is going through some tough financial times right now and this money could be life-saving for her! Here are all the clues: So far i’ve gathered from all the clues is that it’s picking something up and putting it back but I don’t know what it is or putting it back where??? Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll give you my answers to the clues I know: If someone could help me out with the ones I don’t know that would be sooooooo amazing!

1. This sound had two parts – ex. (picking something up and putting it back somewhere)

2. A total of 64 sets were constructed- (googled it and it came up as Star Wars- there were a total of 64 sets constructed for the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back movie)

3. Fisher on a box- ?

4. People take charge of Springfield- ?

5. New Apple feature- ?

6. Hall and Weiner- ?

7. Clean up Muttropolis- (if you go to Muttropolis website and type in clean up it brings up these Puppy “pick up” kits)

8. Bella’s welcome gift- (pickup truck)

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9. They come in short and long- ?

10. A tribute to their fallen lead singer- ?

11. First one for Brian- ?

12. Asian chain restaurant- (Pick up Stix)

13. Those jerk straws- (another name for Pick up sticks)

14. Pioneering children’s games- (pick up sticks)

15. Melissa, Doug and Pressman (all toy companies)

16. Great Depression song- ?

17. Get Blindsided by the stars- ?

18. Rebound Slam- (put back)

19. It’s Big Foot on the back- ?

20. Palomino, Lance and Shadow- (all campers for a pick up truck or rv’s)

21. What a Humbucker! – ( guitar pickup)

22. F100, D100, 3100- (all pick up trucks)

23. Jason makes them- ?

24. Keystone, but not the state- ?

25. Dunk, jam or slam

26. Sampson invented it- ( Henry Sampson invented the cell phone and George Sampson invented the clothes dryer, but I don’t know of any other famous inventors with the last name Sampson)

27. A bad one can get you slapped- (pick up line)

28. Maniac in Tokyo- (famous pick up artist in Tokyo, but Maniac is also a famous nightclub in Tokyo)

29. All parts of the sound have been clued- ( Self Explanatory)

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30. PUG or PUM- (Pick up Guru or Pick up Master)

31. Equator, Hombre and Raider-

32. Fresh Asian flavors on a 2fer Tuesday- ( special that goes on at the Asian restaurant Pick up Stix on Tuesdays)

33. What Ron Artest did for the win on May 28th- (made the put back game winner shot)

34. Found at the Farm Basket in Lynchburg- ?

35. Old-school Jenga- ?

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  • How dare you, Why would you try so hard and so much to cheat and get someone to give you the answer and then to put a Sob story on top of it all. I hope you get a life and try to use your brain. So when its won you dont cry or worse. I am not saying that I care about you crying. But it is dirty of you to try and use this to get your answer, but don’t worry You still have Obama HAHAHAHAH

  • Secret Sound Contest

  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you look at the explanation for the last secret sound none of the clues told what it was they only led you to the action “lowering” & “raising” the airplane window. I’m in the same spot you are & know that it’s picking up & putting back something but I don’t think they are going to give a clue as to the identity of that something 🙁 We just have to recognize the sound. Get a tape recorder & tape the sound so you can listen to it over & over maybe it will come to you.

  • Oh, wow. To me it sounds like shaking a dice or something in a cup. But then again, cups probably wouldn’t be glass or whatever material it needs to be to make that noise. I don’t even know if this is already on the list, I didn’t want to read every single one.

  • 9. Words

    31. Names of books

    Sorry that’s all I could help with, but I’m not positive that they’re correct. Hope it helps anyway

  • When i heard the sound it reminded me of those machines in bathrooms where you put money in and something drops out, like a ċöndöm. good luck guessing.

  • truck door

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