Help!! received a letter from p.o box 24410 omaha, nebraska 68124-0410?????/?

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I received a letter from this address:

p.o box 24410 omaha, nebraska 68124-0410

there was nothing in it when I oƿє-ṅєd it.

Anyone got the same thing? Can you give me any information you may have on this?

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  • OMAHA? The only person that I know out there is Warren Buffet. Do you know him? Good Luck!

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  • I googled that address and came up with this page from the BBB:

    The company is called PSEU and the phone number is (800) 449-7728.

    BBB says they are a credit card holder services company – that number shows up as the contact for many credit unions that offer VISA cards.

  • I received something in the mail as well. It was claiming to be my new PIN number for a card that was recently sent to me. There was no company name on the envelope or anywhere inside. I did not apply for a new line of credit, let alone receive any card in the mail. The scary thing? The PIN number that they issued me was a PIN that I’m already using!!! I definitely will be investigating this.

  • what u can do is google the address and see if there has been any problems with other people receiving mail from this address. if not i would go to ur post office and see if they could return it the sender

  • My brother got the same card but he go t a blank card


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