Help with Naughty Nurse Names?

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I’m looking for a great name to put on my “name tag” for my nurse costume. So far I have:

Ms. Diagnosis

Ms. Treatment

Ms. Pain

Any other good ideas out there? Nothing too dirty, I have to work in my costume tonight.


16 Answers

  • Afeelya Pain! lol

  • Nurse Naughty

  • Funny Nurse Names

  • Nurse Turnerhedencoff haha just kidding….

    Nurse Naughty?

  • Nurse Tammy

    Nurse Pamela

  • Nurse Betty

  • Nurse Hacker

    Nurse Reckless

    Nurse Looney

    Nurse Hurt

    There are tons of names on this website:

  • Ms. StealsUrCandy

  • Ms I-know-what-U-need

  • Bella Donna

    A. Nemia

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