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1. How many moles of sucrose are there in 2.00 L of a 0.500 molar solution?

2. There are 342 grams of sucrose in 1.00 mole of sucrose. What is the molar concentration (molarity) of a solution containing 171 grams sucrose in 1.25 L solution?

3. If water is added to 1 of sodium chloride in a flask until the volume of the solution is 1 liter, what is the molarity of the solution?

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4. What is the molarity when water is added to 2 moles of sodium chloride to make 0.9 liter of solution?

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1 Answer

  • 1.)

    .500(mol/L)*2.00L= X moles of sucrose

    2.) MM=342 (g/mol)

    171 (g)/ 342(g/mol)= x mol of sucrose

    x moles of sucrose/ 1.25 L= Molarity of soultion

    3.) Assuming its 1 g.

    (grams of substance/ (Molar mass))/ Volume in liters= Molarity

    4.)Molarity = moles/Liter

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