hey what does cc mean like on dirt bikes and how much will make me go 100mph?

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or how many cc is just enough for 60 or 80 mph

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  • cc=cubic centimeter= displacement=the amount of area displaced between the bottom of the stroke and top of the stroke of the piston. With engines of equal efficiency more displacement = more power! This applies to any engine. With a dirt bike, due to it being geared low for offroad riding you need about 500cc to hit 100 mph. A dirt bike with knobby tires at 100 gets pretty sqirrely. With a street bike 350cc should hit 100 easier and safer. I did have a friend that had a RM400 Suzuki motocrosser that he set up with a street tire on the front and a slick on the back(and modified suspension ) that would hit about 130mph in the quarter mile…but then he is a psycho!!!!

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    hey what does cc mean like on dirt bikes and how much will make me go 100mph?

  • cc stands for cubic centimeter. It’s the size of the inside of the engine chamber where the gas and air are compressed an ignited. The more cc the engine has the more power it can produce. To go 100 mph you would need about 200 to 250 cc at least. It depends on the bike and the gearing also. Some bikes are more hi performance than others.

  • CCs, or engine displacement has no direct correlation to the top speed of the bike. CC stands for cubic centimeters, the volume of air displaced by the piston inside the cylinder.

  • i’m sorry, but if you don’t know what cc is and you want to go 100mph at the age of 14(that’s what your profile says), then you need to stick with bicycles. People that buy motorcycles for sheer top speed usually end up dead or seriously injured.

  • cc’s have little to do with mph. i have a highly modifyed atc 70 that i had going over 55 mph. i also had a stock 350X 3wheeler with different gearing and 25 inch tires and made it to 107 mph. i was young and dumb whin i did the 350X thing. we just wanted to see what would happen with this set up. god was watching out for me that day because the tires were not made to go over 60 mph.

  • All the 50cc engines ive seen are usually 49cc, sometimes a 47cc. Ive never seen a 50cc that was actually a 50cc. Most all of em have it stamped or cast into the block, i tend to find them on the passenger side below the head. You can slap a 49cc sticker on the side of it if it doesnt have one to ease your mind on being pulled over, but usually the lawmen know and they wont pull you unless youre doing something wrong

  • cc stands for cubic centimeter and you probably don’t want to go 100 mph unless you have a death wish.

  • that is the size of the motor and you do not need to go 100 mph on a dirt bike unless you just want to die

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