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Which is not an accurate description of Minoan civilization? (Points : 3)

It was centered on the island of Crete.

It was rich and prosperous.

It left behind no artifacts for archaeologists to study.

It enjoyed the benefits of trade with many parts of the Mediterranean.

2. Which is a Phoenician invention that influenced the Western world?

(Points : 3)

the wheel


the alphabet


3. Who led the Hebrews out of Egypt?

(Points : 3)

King Solomon

King David



4. Which is not an accurate description of the religious beliefs of early Hebrews? (Points : 3)

They believed God wanted them to obey His commandments.

They believed in many gods and goddesses, associated with nature.

They believed in a single, all-powerful God.

They believed God had made a sacred covenant with them.

5. Which is a holy book of Judaism?

(Points : 3)




Dao de Ching

6. Which is India’s major religion?

(Points : 3)





7. In India’s caste system, which group was considered the lowest caste?

(Points : 3)





8. Which best describes the term classical period? (Points : 3)

a period of imperial expansion and colonization

a period before modern musical forms existed

a period of great achievements in art, science, religion, philosophy, and politics

a period in any culture before written records were kept

9. What was Siddhartha Gautama seeking when he began his spiritual journey?

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(Points : 3)

the path to heaven

the reasons for war


an explanation for human suffering

10. Which is not a part of Buddhist religious teachings?

(Points : 3)

the Four Noble Truths

the Analects

the Noble Eightfold Path


11. Which best describes the growth of Buddhism in the centuries following the Buddha’s death? (Points : 3)

Buddhist missionaries spread the new faith, first to Sri Lanka.

The Indian prince Siddhartha Gautama brought Buddhism to China.

Confucius spread the new faith.

Buddhism did not spread beyond India.

12. How were the Mauryan and Gupta empires similar?

(Points : 3)

Both sent Buddhist missionaries to distant lands.

Both invaded China.

Both treated other religions with tolerance.

Both were led by Hindu rulers.

13. Which Mauryan ruler converted to Buddhism?

(Points : 3)


Siddhartha Gautama

Qin Shi Huangdi


14. What is not an achievement of the Gupta Empire during India’s golden age?

(Points : 3)

great works of Sanskrit literature

a system of numerals


lifelike statues

15. What was the “mandate of heaven”?

(Points : 3)

a new religion

a holy book

the philosophy of Confucius

the Zhou Dynasty’s justification for its leadership

16. Which is the most important relationship in Confucianism?

(Points : 3)

between brothers

between husband and wife

between parent and child

between ruler and subject

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17. In Confucianism, which is not a feature of the ideal ruler?

(Points : 3)

absolute power

a moral example

literary knowledge

a sense of tradition

18. Which belief system gave us the yin-yang circle?

(Points : 3)





19. Who took the title “The First Emperor”?

(Points : 3)


Liu Bang

Ban Zhao

Qin Shi Huangdi

20. Which is not something the first ruler of the Qin Dynasty did to control his empire?

(Points : 3)

He divided the empire into districts and appointed administrators.

He tolerated opposing views.

He built a network of roads.

He took power away from local landowners and warlords.

21. Which empire or dynasty witnessed the invention of paper?

(Points : 3)





22. In conducting Internet research, which is not a factor in evaluating an online source?

(Points : 3)

the domain name



Internet connection speed

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  • Too many here to answer in 1 go – break it down into smaller groups of 3 or 4,and psot each group separately.That way,you should get most of them answered.

    I’ll do the first 4 for you now:

    1 – it left behind no artifacts for acheaologists to study

    2 – alphabet

    3 – Moses

    4 – They believed in many gods and goddesses,associated with nature.

  • Yes ofcourse there are dark points in history we’ll never know about !! They say that history is written by the winner, which is very true and hence what we get to know is mostly a one sided view of what happened. Historians and archaeologists check these reports against solid evidence to verify how true the discovered accounts are. Often these experts find contradicting evidences suggesting that events as they happened where not accurately reported or the reports were skewed.

  • Its all about belief, if you consider river “Ganga” as holy, it becomes sacred and if you do not want to believe its just a plain flowing water for you.

    i think you got my irony.

    Not only hindus, but every one is right and you see, hinduism talks its existence before Adam and Eve, Birth of Adam and Eve is around 30th century BC, exactly when Krishna died, that is Krishna said, “kalyug is coming and i am going now”. So what ever each religion says, all are very correct.

    Brother, I know you are not going to do this

    but just read once “SrimadBhagwatGeeta”, Believe me, whoever says to you that its a spiritual book, just ᴘιss on him,believe me, i have read it whole and it just talks clearly about your question.

    i know after reading it whole, you will never have a single query in your life.

  • give a short description about the minoans civilization ,pleaaaaaaaase help me i need it on this thursday.

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