How can I boot my wii homebrew apps in AHBPROT mode?

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I have a few homebrew channel apps and they all say to please boot (name of the app) in AHBPROT mode. Any idea what that means and how do I do it? If so please tell me! Thank you!

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  • AHBPROT refers to a way to gain full access to the Wii hardware.

    Load the HBC and press the home button, in the upper right hand part of the screen it will tell you what version HBC you are on and the IOS it is using to load.

    If it is anything less than 1.0.8 or running on any IOS other than 58, you need to update/reinstall. Get latest installer from here, , and try to just reinstall.

    If it still isn’t running on IOS58, get the IOS update pack from WiiHacks,… , install those game IOSs then run the HackMii installer again. (If your Wii doesn’t have the IOS58 installed on it you should just follow that entire WiiHacks guide to update your entire mod.)

    Once HBC is running on IOS58 then apps will be launched in AHBPROT mode.

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