How can I have hair like Ted Mosby from HIMYM?

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Should I just use gel and try to spike my hair according to his or there is more things I should know in order to get the desired effect?

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  • Keep in mind that ted mosby has shorter hair on the sides then on top. so if you want that hair, have short hair on the sides and longish on top. when using gel, i recommend…

    which is used by many celebrities and is cheapish but lasts a really long time. make sure, with whatever gel you use, you scruff it around a lot. Just spiking it won’t look like his hair. I hope this helped

  • There is a product called Nioxin that helps your hair grow back faster. Also, taking coral calcium supplements helps to speed up hair AND nail growth. Extensions being put in your hair also makes it grow faster for some reason. I would say put some extensions in if you can afford it. Sally’s Beauty Supply has real hair extensions for around 70$, in all different colors, and they blend really well. Another thing to try is Biotin. It is an herbal supplement that thousands of people use for hair growth. Good luck with growing your hair out! I hope I helped!

  • Ted mosbys hair is literally awful

    -every girl on earth

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    If you make the commitment to closely follow the twenty steps below, not only will you grow long hair but your hair will be in beautiful condition throughout the process. This guide was written specifically for the person who wants to grow extremely long hair – waist, hip, knee-length or even longer, but it will benefit anyone who is seeking longer locks. Keeping hair in excellent condition at extreme lengths takes more caution and conscious effort than may be necessary if you intend to keep your hair shorter… at mid-back length, for example. If your goal is to encourage healthy hair growth but not to the extreme, then certain modifications may be made to a few of the steps below and still maintain successful results. If you use common sense and don’t allow damage to occur, you know you’re doing the right thing to promote healthy hair at any length. It is also important to keep in mind that just about everyone has a “terminal length” which is the longest your hair will grow based on the active growth period of your hair follicles (the growth cycle of individual hair follicles turns on and off as determined by your genetics). Nothing here can help you alter your genetically predetermined terminal length. That being said, you’d be surprised how incredibly often what was thought to be terminal length turns out to be nothing more than hair too damaged to continue to grow… an easily resolved issue! Hair loss, extreme dryness or any sudden change in your hair’s condition may be due to a medical condition, often thyroid issues. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is imperative that you seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner rather than from this guide. That being said, you might want to check out our disclaimer below. I make only a few product suggestions in these guidelines, it is likely that there are many good products out there that may be right for you. All recommendations are based on my own experience and neither I nor the LongLocks HairSticks Boutique are affiliated in any way with any of the products mentioned here (well, except for LongLocks HairSticks of course). For the sake of comparison with your own hair, at the time of the writing of the first edition of this guide my hair was 33″ long, very straight, fine (pertaining to the thickness of each hair), and reasonably thick (pertaining to the thickness of my hair as a whole). Please feel free to experiment and tweak the below steps to best suit your own hair type and growth goals. 1. The first step to growing long, beautiful hair is by far the most important. It is absolutely non negotiable for anyone who wants healthy hair at any length, but it is also by far the hardest step you will have to follow. In order to have long healthy hair you absolutely have to start with healthy hair. You must cut off every inch that is considerably damaged. If you are going for extreme length, from that point on you will have to treat your hair like delicate, antique lace at all times. Remember, once your hair is at your waist the ends can be as many as six years old. Your hair will go through a lot of trauma in six years no matter how careful you are with it. Because there is absolutely no way to repair damaged hair, you *must* start out with healthy hair to have healthy hair when it’s long, there’s no way around it. If your hair is not very damaged up the entire shaft, you may start with a very healthy trim and then continue to trim monthly to maintain your length until all the damage is gone; however, keep in mind that if the amount of damage does not continue to decrease using this method, you didn’t remove enough of the damaged hair to begin with and another healthy trim is in order. You’ll save precious time by removing as much damage as possible from the very beginning and immediately implementing the steps that follow to your now beautifully healthy hair! Remember, long damaged hair is never as pretty as shorter healthy hair, and because healthy hair needs to be trimmed less often and doesn’t break as easily, the result is much faster growth overall. I learned this step the hard way and wasted ten years trying to grow damaged hair I refused to cut… hair that started literally growing like a weed when I finally bit the bullet, did the dirty deed and stopped doing all the horrible nasties that initially resulted in the damage. Duh. Learn from my pain. 2. Always trim your hair often. Damage to your hair will move up from the ends and the only way to stop the damage in its tracks is to remove it as soon as it happens. Trim hair a half inch every month or so (the average rate of hair growth) if you are maintaining your length. If you are actively growing your hair, trim it a half inch every three or four months. In between trims it is beneficial to sit in bright light and snip any splits off the ends of individual hairs with a good pair of hair cutting scissors that you explain to the men in your house are absolutely

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