How can I make my mini schouzers furr grow? ?

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He just got over a case of mange. And the furr grew back on those parts but it seems that the rest of his furr won’t grow. By the way he is 4 months. And healthy.

3 Answers

  • You could try Nutro Natural Choice dog food. They are the only dog food brand to guarantee to improve skin and coat. They have a Small Breed Puppy formula.

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    Pet Nutrition Specialist
  • Ask your VET if there are any supplements that may help or should you just wait. Your Miniature *Schnauzer* is at an age when he will begin growing in his adult coat soon. With a little bit of time and patience, he should grow in a full coat. Then you’ll need to have him groomed, so NOW is a good time to teach him to LIKE brushing and combing and to stand-stay for it.

  • This would be a good question for your vet. Your vet has access to topical solutions to help heal the skin and promote hair growth.

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