How can someone learn about Ramadan now that this place is closing down?

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This might be the last best answer I award. I am looking for communities to ask about “Ramadan”. 

The Ramadan sub doesn’t seem to be Yahoo answer question style. I have taken a look at the pollsandsurveys community. And it seems people are now asking questions there.

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  • This site was never good for learning religion 

    Go to a mosque

    Read books 

    The internet

  • Watch youtube videos.

  • I’m so glad you asked! I’ve been waiting someone to ask something like this because I like to share the knowledge I know on what I can help with others. You can join the Yahoo Reddit r/Ramadan section and you can ask your questions there, reply comments, etc. and trolls like armouror2000 can be blocked that’s what trolls hate about reddit. Just know every section has their own set of rules keep that in mind. just google ramadan in reddit. I’d share the link but yahoo won’t show my answer.

  • The Quran is your best source for all religious questions. 

  • take some classes in it

  • Thank you to everyone who answered constructively as to how the answer questions can continue. I have also looked at Reddit and the r/pollsandsurveys community that has been set up.

  • Get off your *** and visit a mosque. Most are open to visitors and you’ll probably learn more in an hour than in ten years on here

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