How can the bible be ‘historically accurate’?

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Why do Christians believe the Bible is historically accurate if they know that it’s been changed/rewritten so many times?

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  • One day I was watching the movie in the link below, it’s for the minister and the priest who converted to Islam. One of their reasons was the bible itself, for more details you can check the movie 😉

    I know I didn’t answer your question, but the movie will do better.

  • Many Christians are not aware of the changes that have been made to the original texts of the Bible over the years. However, it is unlikely that the Bible was historically accurate even when it was written (the Genesis account comes to mind).

  • The so-called fundamentalist is a unique brand of religous fanatic that advances this idea of biblical literalism and inerrancy. I do not like simply calling my oponents names, but I think it is justified to say fundamentalists are througly and completely ignorant of any kind of serious biblical scholarship, as well as many issues in history and philosophy. They simply insist that the bible has never been revised or rewritten and childish assertions like the idea that actual people named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John wrote the new testament because it says they did. They tell you the bible is “absolutely accurate when both the old and new testaments are full of obvious errors. The old testament has many ridiculous, clearly mythological and absurd statements, which the overwhelming majority of religious scholars know to be false. Stories like the Great Flood (which was copied straight from the Epic of Gilgamesh), “stopping the sun” in the sky, and the idea that 2 people (adam and eve) gave rise to all the genetic diversity in the world a couple thousand years ago are so demonstrably false that you would have to forcefully close your mind off from reality in order to believe them. You have to tell yourself it is a virtue to be dogmatic and non-rational in order to buy into this worldview. They think if there is any question about anything in the bible that the world will no longer be as simple and absolutist and they would like it to be. When you tell yourself that the survival of your everlasting soul depends on not allowing doubts to enter your mind, it is easy to get locked in a fortess of unassailable ignorance, where you can constantly make lame excuses for absolutely anything. The funny thing is that fundamentalist think they are required to desperately cling to the mythology of the bible, when most serious religious scholars agree that it should not be taken literally. Fundamentalism is an immature and uninformed type of fanaticism that is demeaning to religion as well as reason.

  • I think it just depends on if you believe in a God. I use Hebrew and Greek scriptures for definitions because I also think the Bible in translation is not completely accurate but not enough diference to stop believing. I am sceptical and my sceptisism has found many errors but nothing drastic. The one thing I never hear people talk about is AD and BC. The calender started how many thousands of years before Christ and counted backwards to the birth as if time itself profisied and put into motion. Then Jesus was born and BC began. something that is still used by the world. WOW. is that a conspiracy or what?

  • What book, written by any man, is 100% historically accurate? The bible is a collection of very focused, literate individuals that shared their life experiences with their ‘god’ and created timelines that are accurate with what most scholars agree happened throughout the earlier-known years of the world. We don’t have video tape evidence or actual recordings from the time so the best they could do is write down the significant events of their times, including those that involved god, and try to carry them along throughout the passage of time so we have something to reflect on today. I’d say they did a fine job of it too.

  • To answer this question would take far more space and time than anyone wants to put up with me rambling on about … but for anyone interested, the three links below are all (relatively) easy to read and comprehend, well documented, and logical.

    The first and second links are Re: the New Testament

    The final link is Re: the Old Testament


    What about a 66 different books, with many authors, written on three continents, over a span of 1500 years, by 40 different human authors, from diverse cultures and occupations, all combining to create a clear and consistent message?

    I suspect that you’re not interested, but I’ll add a link below just for you 🙂



  • It’s accurate. You need to study the Dead Sea scrolls. Absolutely accurate after 2,000 years. It’s an old argument that doesn’t hold water.

  • Its all abt ur personal believe. The bible is absolute true for me. Your faith and believe in the ‘Word of God’ makes the difference. You might not understand this statement until u hv a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • to be honest, the bible is the best selling fiction book out there.

  • It can’t be and it isn’t! It is a book that has some wonderful morals in it but is not what everyone professes it to be.

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