How can you tell iff catfish has gone bad?

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14 Answers

  • the smell will be stronger even after rinsing and will be kind of slimey to the touch more than usual

  • I was filleting the catfish, when I noticed a couple spots on the meat, I cut it off, but I wanted to make sure it was normal? Does that mean the meat is bad?

  • Any fish that’s gone bad will smell like a fish, and like the sea…a good and clean fish shouldn’t have any smell at all, the eyes should be clear and the gills should be a bright good color. usually red or bright dark pink

  • I have been eating catfish nugget for years and my experience of good nuggets are they are pink in color and have no odor what so ever also not slimy

  • As above…it smells bad. I know fish have a characteristic “fishy” smell. If it goes bad it’ll smell rotten.

  • Bad smell is a good indication.

  • if it starts to smell fishy its gone bad and if the eyes arent clear and when pressed with your finger its soft and there isnt any resist

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  • …if it smells funny or tastes funny dont eat it…trust ur senses.

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