How did republicans react to MTG’s proposed KKK Caucus?

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6 Answers

  • Looks like you’re racist. There is a Black caucus, Asian Pacific American caucus and a Hispanic caucus. Why are you a racist wanting to exclude a different race? Your little victim cult mentality threatened by diversity? Tool

  • I’m assuming that she’s proposing it as a way to exclude black and other non-whites but is she aware that the KKK is also anti Catholic and anti semetic as well?

  • The kkk and the constitution are not similar, the constitution allows a “church”, as the kkk . The kkk does not allow the constitutional doctrine . They are not the same ENTITY  .

  • Who is MTG?                  

  • How do democrats react to AOC’s communist caucus?

  • Republican voters have embraced it, to the relief of other Republican elected officials who were scared to death of trying to decide whether to pretend to condemn it or pretend to embrace it for the sake of their voters.

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