how did tyra banks get green eyes?

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her eyes are amazing but u rarely see black folk with green eyes. i mean her mom and dad dont have those color eyes. how can that happen?

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  • hey girl don’t listen to these idiots saying they contacts! go to and see her baby pictures, she’s got beautiful green eyes and sandy blonde hair. black people come in all colors and look very different especially in america every is so mixed even if it’s way down the line. have you seen solange knowles’ son juelz, he’s got a lighter complexion than solange, daniel or beyonce. he’s maybe even a bit lighter than tina knowles. he’s a beautiful boy, got blonde hair and blue eyes. that’s what i mean about even if somebody has some caucasion blood a long way down the line they can come out with all different kinds of features. unless of course your first generation african like my best friend she was born here but her parents are from nigeria. she is one of the most beautiful girls in the world! for real she has those beautiful african features, afro hair, chocolate brown skin and peircing black eyes. she’s a queen! anyway hope this helped and check out the website it’s sooooo cool!

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    how did tyra banks get green eyes?

    her eyes are amazing but u rarely see black folk with green eyes. i mean her mom and dad dont have those color eyes. how can that happen?

  • Genetics…is how she got her green eyes.

    those are her real eyes…and…there are many black people with green eyes blue ones too

  • her eyes r real. they r green cause of a special gene in her family,it isnt rare look at vanessa williams & rihanna. sometimes in different light eye colour can change.with green eyes they can turn 2 a hazel or with some people they look orange, like gary dourdan(csi) & olympic relay gold sprinter jon drummond,they both look wicked. i think green eyes with the dark skin is very exotic & beautiful. i love tyra & rihanna

  • Genetics…that’s how she got the green eyes.

    I believe those are her real eyes…and yes…there are many black people with green eyes…my mother in law is one of them.

  • As strange as it is, sometimes it just happens. My sister is a brown girl with blue eyes. Sometimes she scares people b/c their not expecting it lol. It’s weird but it happens. Maybe it’s a genetic mutation or something lol.

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    she was born that way.

  • My best friend is Black, she has green eyes, piercing green eyes.

  • It could be contacts or her eyes really are that colour.

    I have seen others with eyes that are hazel or whatever

    and it is their natural look. Warrick on CSI Las Vegas,

    for example. My eyes change colour. Blue, green,

    hazel. No contact. Natural colour.

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