How Do I Answer The “What Are Your Intentions With My Daughter” Question?

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im going to california to visit my girlfriends father for christmas. she told me hes going to ask me “what are ur intentions with my daughter. im a very respectable and nice dewd. but i will freeze up from trying to choose the exact right words. i dont wanna lie. right now me and my girl love each other and we can see a future with each other. but should i tell him that?

what should i say?

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  • Just be honest, bro… If you really love her and want to marry her someday, then tell him that. He can’t possibly be mad that a “respectable and nice dewd” is in love with his daughter…

  • An honest answer would probably be the best approach. Just tell him how you feel and where the relationship is right this moment. Nobody can see the future, so don’t worry too much about where it is heading. Focus on the present. By all means, if you a sleeping with her, don’t tell him that. Being that honest might get you hurt (lol). You’ll do fine. Just think about her and be honest with him. Best wishes.

  • Well, what ARE your intentions? Just get clear about that, and say it. All you are doing is telling the truth so it should not be hard or complicated. Do you plan to marry yes or no? Do you plan to live together yes or no? Are you just dating monogamously yes or no? Are you both seeing other people yes or no? See, very simple. If you are not sure about the future, say so. If you are sure about the future, say so. Just man up and tell the truth.

  • My intentions are strictly honorable. I shall not look at, touch or think about your Daughter in a way that is disrespectful, degrading or discusting in anyway. (that might be a lil over kill though) I dont know if there is a good answer for that. depends if the Dad has a sence of humor. If your dating already…. and you want to keep it short and to the point, just tell him you are a good respectful guy, and assure him that his daughter is loved and treated as she should be.You have nothing to worrie about.

  • Best thing is to be a man and not lie. IF you lie he will never trust you again. Talk this over with your girlfriend and figure out what is appropriate for both of you. Even if you say….Sir when we figure that out we will let you know first…is better than lying.

    NEVER LIE to someone who might be family someday. They will never forget it and never trust you and never let you forget it. It makes it difficult! EVEN if you don’t do what HE THINKS IS RIGHT..he will respect you for being stand up and honest and truthful and a MAN about things instead of being a lying little whimp!

    TELL THE TRUTH….and you and your girlfriend figure out what that is. Telling him what you just said is very good…you don’t have to say anything else.!

  • Tell him that you are really enjoying your relationship with his daughter, and that you can definitely see a future for the both of you. Check if this suits him after this sentence? Let him know how much you love & care about her and just be yourself. You seem like a decent enough guy, i’m sure he will see that!

    Good luck…

  • well since you consider yourself a respectable ‘dewd’..tell him the want to sp[end most of your time with her,make her feel loved and special?!..okay now i’m out of ideeas! ;)..but just be confident in whatever you say..its highly probable that her dad might look at you in a certain way if He misunderstands be careful,sincere and confidant! 😉

  • tell him what you want be respectful but truthful and brash and blunt dont bite your tounge make sure she is who YOU want cuz wen family get involved they tend to take everything very serious and God forbid if yall “grow apart” you could end up with enemies all the way out in cali depending on what type of ppl her fam is…i had my intetions on one lass and i went straight to the pops so bluntly he was shocked but liked it after some complecations he was lookin for me for his daughter but it was too late. it was my fault but be straight and true you got nothing to fear if you have a good heart. remember wen choosing your woman make sure she is a asset to you and your life and you sould be the same for her and her life. good luck

  • Your intentions are honorable and we both can see a future with each other.

  • Tell him that you’re in love with his daughter and you can see a lovely future with her.Just don’t make promises like marriage and children.

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