How do I convert from radians/s/s to meters/s/s?

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The number is 26.73 rad/s/s, do I multiply that by 2pi or divide, or something all together different to get meters/s/s?

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  • use a calculator

  • To convert you would have to know the distance from the center – the travel radius. If the distance was 1 meter, then each radian would also be 1 meter.

  • Fred, of course the object is travelling in a circle, otherwise it would not have such radial acceleration… also the asker would not want to convert from rad/s/s to m/s/s.

    A point object travelling in circular motion can have either tangential acceleration in m/s/s or a constant tangential velocity in m/s

  • radian / sec^2 is the unit for angular acceleration, while m/sec^2 is the unit for linear acceleration and if you want to convert these units mutually, you should use the relation

    linear accelration a = radius r x angular accelration alpha

    as such you have to know the radius of the circle.

  • Radian is a measure of angular distance. Metre is a measure of linear distance. As they are conversion is not a reasonable thing to consider.

  • radian is a measure of angles where meters is distance. they can’t be equated unless the object is travelling in a circle.

  • 1 rotation = 2π radians = Circumference

    Circumference = 2πr


    So, to convert it, you multiply the angular acceleration by the radius.


    26.73 rad/s^2 * r

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