How do I do a cube root on a TI-89 Titanium? or even a fourth root for that matter?

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  • The most straightforward way of finding a fourth root is to take the square root of the square root.

    For roots in general, remember that the nth root is the same as the (1/n)th power. So to take the cube root of 29, raise 29 to the 1/3 power. You may have to put the power expression in parentheses: 29 ^ (1/3) [enter].

    Good luck!

  • Cube Root On Ti-89

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How do I do a cube root on a TI-89 Titanium? or even a fourth root for that matter?

  • Under the MATH menu as mentioned (2nd, 5). Go to 1. Number, and D. Root. This will allow you to enter the number or input, comma then root power.

    Ex. Root(8,3) will give you cube root of 8.

    Shortcut to root input is DIAMOND then 9.

    Hope that helps anyone still looking. This is still on ti-89 platinum.

  • the quickest way is to hit the diamond key and then hit 9 which will bring up- root√(

    first enter the number, then a comma- , and then the root, then closing bracket- ). for instance, the cubed root of 8 should be entered like this- root√(8,3)

  • use the “^” button and make a fraction

    ex: say you want the cubic root of 125

    enter: 125^(1/3)

    then press “enter”

    to get:

    125^(1/3) = 5

    ta da!

  • Under the “MATH” list (2nd, 5) you should find a ³√ and a x√

    the x√ can be used to find the anything root.

    if you want to find the 4th root, type in a 4 and then enter the x√

  • Put in number you want to raise your power to then press ^ for the power you want to achieve. E.g., 12^6. The website can be a great help also.

  • Have you tried a root canal? Someone out here will know the answer. I am a language arts teacher. So I don’t have a clue. I still use a slide rule.

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