How do i eat a calzone?

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i work at a pizza place and i get food 50% off so i get it alot and buffao cнιcκen calzones are my favorite but im not quite shure how to eat it? fork and knife of pick it up

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  • I use fork and knife when I eat them. I suppose you could pick it up if you wanted, but it’s less messy to use a fork and knife.

    Or better yet, just give them to me and I’ll eat them for you!

  • How To Eat Calzone

  • Fork and knife is good. I had one while in Indiana, haven’t had one since. They are big and you wouldn’t want to try to lift that up to your mouth. It could fall apart once you bite in. I used fork and knife. May be others will say by hand, but the one I had was huge!

  • It really depends on where you’re at, if your at a local pizza joint then pick it up with your hands and dig in otherwise you should probably use a fork and knife at a nicer restaurant.

  • fork and knife or just pick it up and stick it in your mouth

  • fork and a knife

  • Pick it up silly with both hands and dig right in!

  • fork & knife. they are too big & sloppy to pick up.

  • Jacob just pick it up and take a bite they are the greatest.

    hope this helps.. enjoy. lol

  • either way.

    i pick it up. i think most people just pick it up.

    but some people cut it into strips and eat it that way.. but its easier to just pick up.

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