How do I fix a snapped Lokai bracelet?

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  • As many of you know, the beautiful Lokai bracelets tend to be extremely sensitive and can easily be snapped. And as I searched the internet thousands of times, I found no solution what so ever, other than to purchase a new Lokai, that can help me repair my bracelet. Which is why i decided to experiment until I find a solution, and I did, NAIL GLUE.

    My Lokai bracelet broke when I took it off and ever since then I ve been trying out different ways to repair it. Nothing other than nail glue worked for me.

    However, although nail glue was a great solution, it is a temporary one as you may need to re-glue it again in the future, which is what happened to me, it stuck perfectly for a couple of days but then broke again. But no worries, you can easily re-glue it again.

    My nail glue brand was “Trendy”, which comes with a brush and thus speeds up the process, however any nail glue brand can work, just as long as it has a simple applying method so as to not create messes while fixing your Lokai bracelet.

    Simple step:

    Gently apply nail glue on one end of the bracelet and instantly stick it to the other end, wait for it to dry out for about 2 minutes, and you re done.

    Remember, be extremely gentle while wearing your Lokai after you apply the glue as this is a temporary and NOT permanent solution!!

    The above information is based on how I personally repaired my bracelet and NOT a professional s work thus I cannot fully state that this is a solid solution and that it does not have any side effects, it just worked with me and I saw no side effects what so ever and so i decided to share my strategy with other people.

  • The easiest way I’ve ever repaired something like this is to take it to an jewelry store and have it repaired. But I guess it could depend if you think the bracelet is worth it.

  • I used stretchy clear beading cord and a fairly big sewing needle to thread the cord. I went thru the 2 beads where the bread happened and then tied it off good. You can’t see the repair cuz the beading cord is clear. Worth a try–nothing sticks to silicone so glue wouldn’t work.

  • you can’t fix it; i tried superglue and it still wouldn’t hold, the best thing to do is buy a new one and don’t stretch it, that’s what i did and my second one has lasted much longer and is still strong!

  • Krazy glue works fine.

  • Buy a new one. There practically free

  • You haven’t explained where it is broken abouts. So you might have to take it to the jewelry shop or buy a new one. Please clarify your question…

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