How do I fix a TV that keeps changing channels by itself?

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It happens every so often and its really annoying. Is it a malfunction that’s an easy fix?

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  • Exorcism.

  • It’s annoying when someone post a question on here and people give really stupid obvious answers like “Buy a new tv”. Really??!! Anyway, on with giving you a real answer. My channels changed randomly like that as well, so I did the obvious first. I took that batteries out of all the remotes and covered the remote sensor to make sure it wasn’t picking up wild signals. It wasn’t. The problem is that the channel changer buttons on the tv itself are malfunctioning. The quick fix: (I take no responsibility if you do this and it messes up your tv)

    Unplug everything from the tv (Especially the power cable – obvious – but worth mentioning to those who may rush to “get er done”). Take the screws off the tv. Carefully, open the tv. Remove the wire connector that goes into the tv channel changer button board. It should be one plug. Re-assemble the tv. Obviously this would mean you can only control the tv from the remote, but when was the last time any of our fat a$$es got up to change the channel.

    Sometimes dirt and moisture may get caught in the button panel so cleaning it out with air may fix it. If that doesn’t work, go on ebay and see if you can find the button panel and replace it. Mine cost 10 bucks used. Hope this helps. Then after you try this solution and it doesn’t work, GO BUY A NEW TV. (See how I did that, I gave you corrective options before I told you the obvious) Good Luck.

  • I had this problem with my TV, I couldn’t find anything about fixing the problem. Instead of throwing away the TV, I tried one last ” trick”… The Fonzi Fix. I hit my TV with a shoe on the block behind the channel/power buttons. I had the TV plugged in and turned on… The screen flashed, and the TV finally complied. When I was able to finally get my TV setup, I selected Spanish as the language and I haven’t had a problem with the TV. ( When I selected English, the TV immediately began flipping through a cycle, so I had no choice, since selecting Spanish didn’t cause this issue). This is not a first choice fix, this is a last resort before the trash pile.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    How do I fix a TV that keeps changing channels by itself?

    It happens every so often and its really annoying. Is it a malfunction that’s an easy fix?

  • Try hiding or putting the remote control away from the tv at some distance, it the tv does not change then your remote is the problem and get a new one. If the tv is still changing channels then the tv is broken. You didn’t mention the brand of the tv you have or how old it is. You should get a name brand tv for better quality and reliability like Panasonic, Pioneer, Sumsang, Sony or Toshiba they are better in quality and very reliable than the off brand at bargain price. You get what you pay for.

  • Sounds like a call to your local electronics store is in line. Sometimes it costs too much to fix and you can just purchase a new one for just a little bit more or at least a used one that is in good condition.

  • Either A) If the TV is to old then by a new one

    or B) Hit the TV. (Works for my TV that is 4 years old)

    It might be a stuck button because my TV has the power button stuck in and it wants to change channels.

    Also try unplugging the TV to get it out of “Stand By” mode.

  • Call a tv repair man

  • What if it does it with no IR remote control near by and the button board disconnected from the TV?

  • @Alpha .. Your trick really worked great! I removed the connector pin to TV button main board and with remote my TV is working great! Thank you !

  • I had the same problem with a floor model several ago.I took it to a repair shop thinking it was something bad.All it was, I had moved from one state to another and during the move the vibration had loosened some of the solder connections. Just unplug it and use a small soldering iron and touch each connection long enough for it to re-melt each one of the solder joints. That should take care of it.

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