How do i get my little sister to give me a wedgie?

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i have an 8 year old sis and ive never had a wedgie befor im 11 and i dont trust my friends

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  • listen…. please dont do this it ꜱᴜcκs my cousins have givin me wedgies like no freakin ever my uderwear has split it was so bad and i almost popped my left nut because of one… its not fun at all.

  • Asking your 8 year old sister to give you a wedgie might result in many years of therapy for her – no joke.

    That is a very confusing thing to ask your sibling to do.

  • Why the hell would you want a wedgie?

    Just tell her, for what ever reason your wired mind wants a wedgie for.

  • okay i dont know why the hell you want a wedgie. i wouldnt show your sister the drama. just ask your teacher 🙂

  • Strap your elastic band of your underwear on a doorknob and just drop as if someone just tripped you. No need to give the 8 year old trauma.

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  • Yes defintly yank those panties up I am adult and I rember as a kid I always wanted alittle sister to torture so yes defintly yank them until they rip she’s younger enjoy it and teach her to keep her underwear covered

  • I’m not entirely Shure why you would want her to, but sence I don’t **** around when I’m answering someones question… Hum, ????? You know what If your really serious about this hit me up at [email protected] if not then you really know how to make people think : )

  • Asking your sister is probably not the best idea. At her age, anything like this is pretty gross.

  • Stay in school.

  • Don’t be a perv and introduce her to something this stupid.

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