How do I get rid of spider eggs on my window?

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I’m on my computer all the time because I do online schooling. My window is right in front of my desk so I’m starting at these egg sacs all day, it’s starting to make me uneasy cuz I don’t want spiders in here. There’s at least 11 big egg sacs on the window, I’m on the second floor so I can’t just go outside and clean them off. How would I go about doing this?

That’s the problem, in my bathroom window they’re easily small enough to get through when they hatch. I have an extreme phobia of bugs so that just makes this worse.

Also, how long does it take for them to hatch? They’ve been here for about 2 months.

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  • From the advice of an exterminator,spiders are important. They’re excellent hunters and do help remove unwanted insects. In response to asking about spider eggs which are usually caught in the webs, just vacuum them up. After that, a good way to remove and prevent spider webs is to use a non-toxic, biodegradable product called COBWEB ELIMINATOR “The Spider Repellent”. It neutralizes and breaks down the web’s attachment points and makes for easy removal. COBWEB ELIMINATOR leaves a residue that continues to damper a web’s adhesive properties. It discourages reformation by acting as a deterrent in keeping web’s from ever being constructed. It’s ideal to use in problem areas that usually attract spiders such as near outdoor lighting, under porches and eaves. Anyway, you can search this product and order it on the web (no pun intended, lol).

    Just a little added information, all spiders are venomous. All spiders use venom to kill their food but, in most species this venom is only harmful to their food (insects and some mammals, birds and reptiles). There are some spiders whose venom is dangerous to the humans (i.e. black widow, brown recluse, etc.)

    I have also wiped down an area with Clorox Clean-up (I imagine you can use straight bleach, too.) It seemed to help but you need to do regularly.

  • If the eggs are on the outside, you’ve probably got nothing to worry about. Just leave the window closed until they hatch and go away.

  • Open the window and vacuum them up or wipe them off with a duster. If you can’t open the window, go outside with a duster and put it on the end of a long pole and wipe them off with that, or squirt them off with a hose.

  • get a hose or a super soaker and spay them off from the outside, or try a water balloon

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