How do I get the “! Simplink Please, Try again” notice off my screen? It flashes on about every 20 seconds!!!?

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I have an LG 37-inch LCD television.

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  • Disconnect the plug you have installed in the SIMPLINK jack on the back of your TV set.

    Unplug your TV for 5 minutes to RESET the micro so it stops Polling the Simplink connection

    Start up your TV set.

    If it still accesses the Simplink then go into your menu and see if you can turn it off…

    THEN if it still pops up, you’ll need to have the Signal board replaced, hopefully under warranty (get a copy of your purchase reciept made for the TV repairman)

    Source(s): Over 26 years servicing TV sets.
  • We have an LG tv and I noticed that on the factory TV remote, there was a Simplink button just above the channel and volume button. When I clicked on that, there was hardly anything set up. So I figured we didn’t need to use it. I then hit the Menu button, clicked on option, and the 3rd selection was Simplink on:off. I turned it off. Everything works great and no more pop-up!

  • I have a 37″ LG LCD tv as well–after 5 years it suddenly started having this problem. But I cannot identify anything on the TV that related to “simplink” connection. There’s no such plug in the back of the TV. Please advise

  • Turning the TV off and then back on does not work. Disconnect the HDMI cord (if you use Roku or DVD player or whatever is hooked up through it.)

  • If you have DirecTV and a LG TV: I went in the settings under video and set HDMI controls to “off.” That stopped it on my tv.

  • Help! This just started happening yesterday after we uploaded Allcast, Chromecast to our cellphones. .

    I just trted receiving this message this morning. I had this TV for awhile. Never any problems..

  • Just turn your tv off and on again, As simple as that!!! 🙂

  • The foxgrl1333 answer worked for me.

  • I m on my cell phone

  • get rid of your directv……. go without tv

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