How do I make a Gatorade slush?

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Hey I’m looking for a way to make a Gatorade slush because I am sick and my dr said I need to get electrolites into me. My throat hurts badly and it’s better for me to get frozen things down my throat

thank you

4 Answers

  • If you don’t want a watered-down version, freeze straight Gatorade. Once it is frozen, or very close to being frozen, process it in a blender for a few seconds.

  • Ice+Gatorade+blender=Slush

  • Put the gatorade in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes and take it out and shake a little and it should be perfect slush

    Source(s): I got sick at a baseball game once and i screamed so much that i lost my voice completely for a week, so help it get better. My doctor told me the same thing so i bought 10 gatorades, 2 for each day that week. And i put one in overnight for morning and one in afternoon for night time!
  • Well first you have your ice base… and then you add gatorade :

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