how do i make myself throw up?

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  • My question is, “why would you want to?”

    If you have ingested something toxic; you need immediate medical attention. Otherwise, making yourself vomit without good cause is never wise.

  • I’m guessing that you wanna throw up food to lose weight. Well, the best thing to do is eat, then either slam your fists onto your stomach until you feel something come up, or if your not so much of a person who’s want to hurt yourself try eating that doing an activity like running or playing an intense game. Anything that makes you perpire right after you eat with guarantee to make you puke.

    Hope I helped!

  • Truly? Tickle the back of your throat with your finger (wash your hands first)… But only if you really really need too. Don’t do this if you’re trying to loose the food you just ate. The acids from your vomit will ruin your teeth- turn them ugly colors-

    Also, your reflexes will probably make you bite down hard so if your hands are anywhere in the ways you can hurt yourself.

  • u pig out (eat a lot of junk food and stuff) then drink lotss of water

    go to the toilet and shove ur middle or index finger down ur throat as farr as u can until u cough keep doing that it takes a lot of tries the first time and then u should start throwing up water and eventually all the food you ate :]

    but why do you want to throw up?

    just feel like it? :]

    Source(s): personal expirience
  • You won’t lose weight that way, if that’s what you’re trying to do. Well you will, but once you eat something eventually it will turn into all fat. And not to mention it will wear the enamel off of your teeth. But anyways stick your finger down your throat as far as it goes, then eventually you’ll throw up! : )

  • You should never make your self throw up. You can cause serious damage to your throat. If you are thinking about using this as a diet or emotional need please go talk to someone. There are online support groups that can help if you have no one to talk to.

  • Bend over the toilet, open your mouth realllllll far until you vomit. I don’t like to vomit but I have to make myself do so sometimes, when my meal is sitting heavy in my stomach. Once I vomit, I feel soo much better.

    I can not believe all the people here, who just ASSUMED that you’re bullimic, etc. See how negative these people are?????

  • Stick both of your fingers in the back of your mouth until you ɡɑɡ, if you keep it up you will throw up. This is extremely uncomfortable and I wouldn’t recommend it, but you asked.

  • Pint glass of water + large quantity of salt – down in one and then it all comes back up in one (with the rest of your stomach contents).

    Good if you have swallowed paint stripper – bad in most other situations.

  • Not encouraging you but….

    stick the back of your toothbrush towards the back of your mouth to trigger your ɡɑɡ reflex.

    dont recommend it:

    destroys teeth

    destroys skin

    burns esophogus(sp?)

    Mood Swings

  • By getting a stomach flu or regularly and ruining your esophagus so that you die prematurely due to complications and live a miserable life.

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