How do I remove the hijacker DLSearchBar? I cannot delete using spyware remover or manually in the registry.?

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  • Download Ad-aware immediately. Run it in safe mode and perform a full system scan. Download hijackthis and post the log on one of the forum websites regarding adware/spyware deletion. They will assist you from there.

  • It seems that

    -1,You are out of system administrator’s right;

    -2, It has some kind of self protection programs runing as you are trying to remove it via your spyware;

    -3, There are some files the system is using during that time;

    -4,Your spyware need a update.

    Mostly these are reasons of why our remove action be failed. Please first to update your spyware and scan and remove it in Windows safe mode( simply by press F8, F Eight, when system starts after Firmware POST Process and before your system(s) loaded). Then restart your PC.

    I strongly advice to use Windows Defender or AVG Free Edition to do that if it doesn’t work.

    I hope this can help you.

    Good Luck!

    by the way, please don’t hestate to contact me for any futher question in this area.

    Source(s): Windows Defender:…

    AVG Free Edition:

    If you are using Linux or other linux based OS, please visit Linux’s home page for helps:

  • See the link below for downloading these tools…

    Best removal tools for this are:

    1) Spybot

    2) Windows Defender

    3) HijackThis

  • Go to… and post a HijackThis report. The people there can help you with almost any browser hijack

  • Try Hijackthis or cwshredder both can be found at

  • well do you have a toolbar in IE then?

    if you do goto “Tools -> Manage Addons…” in IE

    And then disable this “DLSearchBar”

    And then it’s gone!

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