How do I report someone on

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No need for condescension.. Chatroulette has a feature to report the person you’re talking to, which only really blocks their IP address for a few mins, figured omegle would have something similar

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  • You can’t, chatroulette also removed that feature. Somehow, there’s less ***** than ever before on CR. There must be moderators that permanently ban those pervs.

  • Omegle Report

  • You can report, I got blocked by some jerk just blocking people for fun. I ended up having to change my ip address to get back on

  • I have accidentally bumped into Charrolete Section over and over and I am sick of that bull crap on a so called “Clean” website. This needs to stop somehow.

  • Hahaha! What would you report them for? It’s your fault for talking to strangers. Your parents warned you. You knew the risks when you used the service.

  • You can not. The people who run omegle watch the chats, and if they find anything inappropriate, they block the one who said it. On video, they block both, because they can not tell which is which most of the time.

  • I have the same question I met a person on omegle said that my family was gonna die

  • well reporting option would be nice to use with spams or adds so you can actually meet straingers

  • You don’t…you wouldn’t know who to report…it’s all anonymous…

  • i have the same answer coz someone reported me for no reason

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