how do I say “will you marry me?” in vietnamese?

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Been dating this woman for just over a year now and really know this is finally the woman of my dreams. Thought it would be more romantic to ask her in her own language. So, how can I say to her, “I love you, will you marry me?” in vietnamese.

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  • “Will you marry me?” Boy, this is tough one. I meant it not tough to translate it word for word but I rarely hear we Vietnamese saying this. We tend to say more in a line of “would you want to be my wife” or “would you want to be my husband”, or “I want to marry you”. Don’t ask me why but that is the way my ear get use to hear. Ok, “would you want to be my wife” in Vietnamese would be “Em muốn làm vợ của anh không?” and “would you want to be my husband?” in Vietnamese is “Anh muốn cưới em làm vợ không?”. And the “I want to marry you” in Vietnamese culture usually is only for a man. You rarely hear a Vietnamese woman propose to a man. Anyway “I want to marry you” can simply be “Anh muốn cưới em”. Not quite right to a Vietnamese ear but it should be plesant to hear it from a foreign tongue.

    hope that help


  • Husband In Vietnamese

  • Probably not because my parents would freak out. I’d marry an Asian boy, though. (I’m a girl.) Other Asians (in addition to thoese mentioned above): Korean, Singaporean, Thai, Burmese, Hmong, Cambodian, Nepalese, Tibetan, Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Mongolian, Kazakh.

  • This is way too cute. Too bad I don’t know Vietnamese though, sorry.

    Good luck.

  • Ahh how sweet. Good luck to you.

    Here is the answer from a site:

    “ý chí anh marry me?”

    Here’s the link:…

  • “I love you ” = “anh yêu em”

    ” will you marry me?” =” em sẽ cưới anh chứ ? ”

    -I = anh

    -love = yêu

    -you = em

    -marry – cưới

  • Will you marry me ? – Wil ju maeri me

    Love you – Lav ju

  • wil-ju-maeri-mi-?

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