how do i steal liquor?

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  • I hate a thief, Get a job and buy it….

  • I only stole when I absolutely had to. It made me feel ashamed and like a homeless person. (for awhile I was). But for each their own. If I was to do it, I wouldn’t go to a liquer store. Too many people watching you, esp. if you look young. I’d go to a store, like bj’s or walmart, or the local grocery store whatever (dept stores are bigger, your chances are better there). They may not have exactly what you want but if you’re stealing it you’re obviously desperate. Don’t bring a big purse or shopping bag, that’s way too obvious. Get a cart and put a lot of food in it. Put the liquer in when no one’s around and push the cart to where ever the restrooms are (most stores have them, some don’t). Again when no one’s looking hide the bottle under your arm or jacket, and walk into the restroom with either a small purse (if your a girl) or one of those nike back bag things if your a guy. Make sure you brought a smallish water bottle or sports drink in it. Empty the liquer in it and hide the bottle in the top part of a toilet tank, or anywhere it won’t imm. be found. Push your cart around a little longer to avoid suspision and casually walk away from it like your about to go look for an item. Walk out. Ta-dah. Worked for me on other things.

    ps- if the liquer’s clear you don’t even need a bag. Just a water bottle. If you carry anything other then that or a sports drink outside a bag you’ll look weird and attract attention. You need more then the knowledge to be a good thief, you need the traits and the right character.

  • Stealing Alcohol From Grocery Store

  • Why would you want to think about stealing liquor when you can go out and get a job and earn money and that way you can get all the liquor you want when you have earnt it or save the money. DONT STEAL IT, it is not worth serving time in the jail for it. Remember you do the crime you do the time!!!!!!

  • Walk in the liquor store when they are near close, hide in a nice little nook. They never need to really check the store at closing. When the lights go off, start chugging! Not a lot of fun and a little lonely, but a killer buzz for no charge!

  • easy, from parents- take it then deny it with your dying breath, be cool don’t get emotional with them then they will know you are lying, from a store, here is a two person method one taller one shorter, taller one has a back pack, partially unzipped, shorter person slip desired bottle into back pack, then zips up the pack, and walk away do this as smooth and fast as possible, run if necessary, it is best to have a ride waiting just in case, don’t try with beer too bulky. I am not responsible for any charges brought against you in a court of law. Good luck!

  • Why the hell do you want to steal liquor?

  • well, if you get arested, obviously you didn’t do it right.

    my friends and i used to steal liquor when i was in high school, which wasn’t often since most of our frinds were over 21. it’s just too sketchy to even be worth it. especially with technology these days!

  • Go to an automobile repair shop and stand there. In ten minutes leave the place with all the alcohol you have inhaled and run home before someone catches or you fall unconscious.

    Alternative place: Perfume shop.

  • you get a gun and some ammo, buy a richard nixon mask, steal a car, put on the mask, load the gun, find a liquor store, enter, yell stick em up, fill up a sack with your booze, leave the store, GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL ********

  • go to your nearest liquor store and take it at gunpoint, then have the police light you up minutes later, then somehow posthumously tell your parents to bring your favorite flowers to your funeral…..

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