how do i type this symbol ” † “?

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i’ve seen this symbol many times, but how can I type it?

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  • Alt+0134 should give you the cross symbol.

    Source(s): Previous Y!A question about symbols:;_ylt=AnFFm…
  • Cross Symbol

  • I type “how to type cross symbol” on google. Than I see all these answers. Than I copy-paste from here 😀

  • Wow thanks, as it has been REMOVED from my character map; I checked fifty times in disbelief (emailing Gail Riplinger, heh) ┼ is still benignly there as part of the archaic shape-building character set, but The Cross has been removed. Someone will say it was only fair unless including infinite, ever-emerging religious symbols, but it’s amazing how often something like this winds up being traceable to bone-chilling origins like Rupert Murdoch or the Theosophical Society.

  • are you using a laptop?

    I’m sorry for not answering right away but if you are using a Laptop then you Wont be able to type it.

    you have to press your ALT button then press some numbers on the side of your keyboard.

    oh sorry i cant figure it out 🙁

    i wish i could help more.

  • – Open Programs – Accessories – System tools- character map

    – Scroll down and look for the cross sign †

    – Click the † sign, then click Select then Copy

    – Paste on your notes – done

  • If you are using mac, hold alt and type letter t.

  • different key board or with programs find on word

    Source(s): just trying to go where they might find programs
  • Wait… how did you type this question?

  • I do it so Alt+0134 and have it ††††

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