How do people act when they feel guilty? ?

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  I recently got accused of something i didn’t do. After i was accused, my friends were very sarcastic towards me in many occasions. At first i just kept quiet and did not reply to their sarcasms, but i felt quite fed up of being treated that way.  I couldn’t take it anymore, so i started to reply their sarcasms with own sarcasms. They would always kept quiet whenever i was sarcastic towards them back. 

  I was not invited to their party because i was accused of something i didn’t do. When someone else asked if i was going to the party, i said “you didn’t know i was not invited? I was accused so i can’t go.” And then when my friend asked who accused me, i replied “maybe you can ask the person in this room, maybe he can own up why he accused me.” All of my friends were in the room at that time.   I thought they would hate and distant themselves away from me after i started to become sarcastic towards them back. Instead, suddenly they treated and talked to me nicely as if nothing happed. I don’t understand. Is it because they feel guilty? Or they want something from me? 

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