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There is this confusion on what should be written on the application form for my land acquisition. Here is the scenario (not real names): Aurora is the parent, mother of three – 1 girl and 2 boys. Wanda is the eldest, a girl. Mark is the second, a boy; and Gizmo is the youngest, a boy as well.

If the applicant is Wanda, and there is this part in the form where the family members are listed, how would you answer this:

**Note the phrase “relationship TO the applicacant”

Applicant: Wanda

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Name of Family member: Relationship to the applicant:

Aurora “mother” or “daughter”

Mark “brother” or “sister”

Gizmo “brother” or “sister”

– I think the answer should be: Aurora’s RELATIONSHIP TO THE APPLICANT (Wanda) is that she is the mother of the applicant. correct me if I’m wrong..

-it’s safe to answer “mother/daughter” there or “siblings”, right? I just want to know the grammatically correct answer for this. If you have a good reputation in this field, please indicates in your answer as well (English teacher, lawyer, whatever)… Thanks…

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  • Your thinking is correct.

    Aurora’s relationship to applicant Wanda is MOTHER

    Mark and Gizmo’s relationships to applicant Wanda are BROTHER

  • Beyond any shadow of doubt you can fill the form as follows:- Applicant: WANDA 2)Name of Family Member:Relationship to Applicant: MOTHER (AURORA) 3)MARK is brother 4)GIZMO is brother. OK.

  • Hi, Beloy,

    You’re correct: Aurora’s relationship to Wanda is “mother” because Aurora is Wanda’s mother.

    When you ask “what is this person’s relationship TO the applicant” you want an answer from the applicant’s point of view. It may be easier to think of it this way: To find anyone’s relationship TO Wanda, ask Wanda, “Who is this person?” Wanda’s answer will be, “This person is MY _____.”

  • Mother



  • brother

  • mother

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