How do you count money backwards?

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I may have to run a cash register which I’ve done before but I always counted money back my way.

They want me to count money backwards which I’m ashamed to say I can’t do. Numbers were never my strong skill and I ꜱᴜcκ at math.

I’m really ashamed I can’t do this. I feel like a failure. I do have ADD but I won’t use that as an excuse.

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  • Best way I can describe how to do this is by an example.

    Lets say the total for the purchase is $12.39, this is how I would do it:

    First, start with the change. I always just go up to the next tenth, which in this case is just .01 to get to .40. Then I go up to the next dollar, which is $13.00. This makes your change 61 cents.

    Next, you simply count up to the amount the person gave you! For instance, if they gave you a 20 dollar bill you would count back by saying:

    61 cents makes 13

    Then count 14 and 15, at which point you would give him a 5 dollar bill to make 20!

    Just adjust the process as needed depending on the amount given and the total!

    Hope this helps!

  • These days most cash registers figure the change for you,

    so you then just have to break it down.

    So if someone buys $14.73 worth of stuff and gives you a twenty to pay,

    the cash register figures out the change is $5.27.

    There are only 99 different amounts of coins you’ll need to know

    and after you have done it for a while it will become second nature.

    Same thing for the dollar amounts. Most purchases for a given

    store will be in the same range, and people pay with 20s,

    since that’s what ATM’s spit out.

    So you look at the 27 cents and see it’s a quarter and 2 pennies.

    Then you follow the steps the other answerers gave:

    14.73 … (hand over the 27c) … 15 … and 5 (hand over $5 bill) makes 20.

    Then just when you have it all figured out, some nitwit like me

    comes along and gives you extra change so that he doesn’t

    get any pennies back.

    So in the above example, I might give you $20.23.

    But still the cash register figures out the change,

    which is now $5.50, and the process is the same,

    except instead of 27c, the coins are just 2 quarters (50c).

    And in some stores, esp. grocery stores now, there is a

    coin dispenser which coughs up the coins, so the cashier

    only has to do the whole dollars.


  • It takes loads of practice. Keep a calculator nearby at first, just to check your work. Most people will pay with either a $20.00 or a $5.00. So if their total is $8.37 you’ll need to start with the pennies. Say .37 in your head and count up to .40 (.03). Then you’ll need to count up to .50 (dime). Then the other half of that is .50 so you’ll need 2 quarters. (now you’re at $9) Then you continue to count $1 to make $10 then a $10 bill will make $20.

    So the total change should be $11.63

    I probably just confused you even more.

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    Let’s say that the total is $13.78, and the customer hands you a twenty. When you are giving the change , $6.22 (22 cents, a dollar bill and a five dollar bill), you would do this: Say “Your total was $13.78. 22 cents makes $14…” (This is because the $13.78 plus 22 cents adds to $14. Hand the customer the 22 cents.) Now, put the dollar bill down and say: “….$15….” (Because $14 plus $1 equals $15) Now, put the $5 dollar bill down and say: “…and $20.” (And hand the customer the bills)

  • If you have 20 dollars and give back thirtteen dollars you have seven dollars left, because thirtteen less than 20 is seven.

    If you have 23 dollars and have to give back 67 cents, you have $22.33 cents left over.

  • Start with the total amount due in your head. Then just subtract the money you are given as you go.

  • say you have a total sale of 10.58 and the customer gives you a 20.00 you would start with the 10.58 and count up… 10.58 plus 2 pennies is 10.60 plus .40 more cents would be 11.00, then add the rest of the dollars to it….$11.00, plus $1.00 = 12.00, plus $1.00 = 13.00, plus $1.00 = 14.00, plus $1.00 = 15.00 then add a $5.00 bill to it making $20.00.

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