how do you delete comments on

NetherCraft 0

4 Answers

  • You can’t delete deviantART comments but on your page and your pictures you can hide them so nobody can see them

  • if they are your own comments, you can edit them (on the right part of the comment)

    if they are not your won, then i’m can only report or hide them; you can hide any comment that is related to you and your pages..main page and deviation pages; but if people are talking about you on another user’s can’t hide those

    Good luck~!

    Source(s): my dA account and time spent there
  • in case you recommend deleting your individual comments which you have published, then no, you could no longer. yet once you recommend deleting comments different human beings have left on your video, then you definately can. merely click “do away with” above the remark.

  • you can only hide them click on them to do that!

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