how do you fix the nozzle on a hair mousse can??

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i bought the herbal essences pin straight mousse awhile ago and it smells great and works great but the problem is that whenever i push the nozzle nothing comes out, so i took out the nozzle to check if it was clogged but it wasnt. so what do i do? i dont want to buy another one because the same thing will probably happen again.

haha no i just bought it a week ago

4 Answers

  • The warm water thing will work but if you have another spray top to put on it or transfer the liqued to another bottle and us it that way. You can buy spray bottles for $1.00.

  • Hmm…I know this sounds obvious but could you be out?

    Also, try running the nozzle under warm/hot water for a bit, there might be build-up that you can’t get at, and that will *hopefully* loosen it.

  • Horse shampoo. i think of this is referred to as Mane n’ tail or something like that.. its a white bottle, yellow label, blue lid. on the back it says For Human Use:, For Horse Use: labored wonders on my hair back interior the day

  • Just buy a new one, its not worth the stress

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