How do you get crowns in Wizard101 using cheat engine 6.2 ?

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I have Cheat Engine 6.2 now how do you use it to get crowns in Wizard101 ?

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  • One does not simply “cheat” on Wizard101 or Pirate101 for that matter. Kingsile keeps a record of the actual amount of crowns each and every account has. There is no way of changing these records without Kingsile having a bank record that you paid for them.

  • Hi, I have played wizard101 for 2 years now. Half that time I didn’t have a membership. I have looked everywhere for a way to get free crowns, the cheat engines are hard to download for one (usually you need to do a survey or something and they keep leading to other surveys that never end all collecting your email and all spamming you) and the crowns you receive ARE HACKED .If you value your account, don’t do this, kingisle (the people that make the game) is smart, they will ban your account. Plus, there is the chance that downloading a cheat engine could download a virus on to your PC, so I really don’t recommend it. Go to this site: this works. I have been going to this site for over a year. Basically, you sign up, and do surveys, these aren’t scam surveys, I do one survey every couple days (10 minutes maybe?) and get paid $1-$1.25 for each one. The surveys ask very simple questions (usually about movies watched lol) but they don’t ask for any personal information. In a month I get about $10, and I use it to redeem for a $10 wizard101 prepaid card code. Its good for 1 month membership or 5,000 crowns. This works, and you buy the code from amazon, so its 100% legal. Like I said I only go one once every couple days so you can probably earn more than me. You don’t need a credit card, or any of that, just a email. Anyways, that’s what I do lol. Its only a few minutes and I redeemed over 30,000 crowns and still going :D.

  • Cheating is strictly prohibited on any and all Kingsisle games, such, but not limited to, Wizard101.

    There is no possible way of getting crowns using a cheat engine, as Wizard101 is on an online server. Unless it’s something like Minecraft, which works offline and servers are not required, you cannot cheat. Cheating will cause a permanent ban, as well as giving, trading, and/or sharing accounts. Please, just buy gift cards or crowns online. Most importantly, have fun!

  • Cheat Engine 6.2

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    Through cheat engine, it will not give you the gold permanently, it’s only glitched for display. Obviously you can’t spend it because you don’t exactly have it – cheat engine will not give you permanent gold or crowns. To fly in the air, just put the Cheat Engines speed up really high and move really crazily and jumping into the air. Eventually your person will just crash it’s movement ability and become frozen in midair.

  • i think you can, but you can also check on youtube..

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