How do you get Lotusmon and Rosemon Burst Mode?

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Those are my favorite 2 female digimon. I want to know how to get them in Digimon Dusk.

3 Answers

  • Lotosmon

    – Blossomon + LadyDevimon

    (Lv52+, Insect/Plant EXP22000+, Must have Befriended Rosemon)


    – Lillymon + Matadormon

    (Lv44+, Insect/Plant EXP14000+, Attack 240+)

    Rosemon Burst Mode

    – Rosemon + Ophanimon

    – Rosemon + Babamon

    (Lv64+, Insect/Plant EXP40000+, Friendship 100%)

  • Rosemon Burst Mode

  • Lotusmon

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