How do you get rid of spiders, in your home?

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5 Answers

  • go to your local grocery store and ask the produce department if they can get ugli fruit (pronounced oo-glee) then get enough to place in the corners of your basement and by the doors. Apparently spiders cannot stand the smell of it and it drives them out and repells them. Although, it may sound creepy, if you leave them alone to do their eating you’ll find that you have a lot less flies and other bugs around. Also if you check Home Depot I do beleive that Raid makes a spray for killing spiders….*sniff sob* I like spiders……*sniff*

  • Ugli Fruit Spiders

  • Spider balls, I cant remember the correct name but we call them spiderballs. They are about the size of a baseball and are green in color. We find them in the grocery store of all places. We have only found them in the fall so you may be in luck. We usually buy 2 for upstairs and 2 for downstairs. Sounds funny but they work. Good luck!

  • try to get riddex plus plug ins for your wall.i think they get rid of rodents too.

  • I use a rolled up newspaper. KER-SPLAT!

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