How do you hang up a silk poster?

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I recently bought a silk poster and I was wondering how I can frame my poster. I read somewhere on the internet that you have to get it professionally done because the poster will get wrinkled. I really like my poster and would like to put it in something that will protect it. I would prefer to not have to pay a lot of money just to get a poster framed. Is it ok if I just buy some generic poster frame for a silk poster?

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  • My daughter is deep into creating some very beautiful fabric art masterpieces. She is even displayed in the New York Art Museum. Some of her pieces are made of silks. One frames silk by using a frame of your choice. A cardboard backing to fit the frame and some blue painters tape. Iron the silk using the silk setting of your iron to get the wrinkles out. Then stretch the fabric across the cardboard and alternately “pin” the sides down to the cardboard with the tape to keep the wrinkles out. Mount it into the frame and your done. Enjoy your masterpiece!

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