how do you make out?

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i need instructions please

me and my bf are going to make out this weekend and i dont know how so please help!

like what do you do with your tongue and where does your top and bottam lip go and where does his bottom and top lip go?


also my bf has already made-out b4

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  • There`s no “instructions” for making out, unfortunately.

    A lot of people would be a lot less stressed about it if there were. But that’s what Yahoo Answers are for! lol

    OK, you would just start out kissing… Slow soft kisses on his lips. If your not sure about the whole kissing thing, then all you would do i tilt your head to the side a little bit, close your eyes, and gently press your lips against his.

    Then When your ready add a little tongue. Either you or your bf can start, but youd start out out by slightly opening your mouth and gently sliding your tongue into your bfs mouth. Move it around a little bit inside his,and then let him do the same to you. Don’t just shove your tongue down his throat or bite his tounge because that’s not very pleasant. Try and keep it gentle. Keep doing this for as long as you like. (It never gets boring) Your top and bottom lips don’t really “go” anywhere.

    You can gently ꜱᴜcκ his top or bottom lip into your mouth while kissing him. Its kinda hard to explain though.

    A few other things to remember are to BREATH! lol

    Its amazing how easy it is to forget when making out.

    Breath slowly through your nose.

    And also because your adding tongue your kisses are gonna be a little wet. And it might SEEM a little gross to swallow his Spit, but its really not. So don’t forget to swallow occasionally

    You might bang teeth, and if you do its ok just laugh it off.

    And since you and your bf have never made out before then you wont really have to worry about any hickeys yet! lol

    He might want to kiss your neck but that could lead to a hickey if he knows what hes doing.

    Ooo i almost forgot!

    When your making out you could choose a bunch of different positions to be in. Sitting up, laying down, he could be on top of you, you could be on top of him. Either way your gonna want somewhere to put your hands. Well cuz its your first time

    you could put your hands on his neck, face, chest,or back.

    You could also wrap your around his neck or waist.

    Really its whatever feels good to you.

    Umm thats all i can think of that you might be wondering about. But just go with it and what happens happens.

    Hope you have fun and everything goes well!

    Good luck!

    p.s. If you have any more questions you can e-mail me through yahoo answers!

  • How Do You Make Out

  • I understand your concern, I wondered the same thing before my first kiss but it actually comes very naturally on the moment because you feel an almost magnetic attraction when the moment is right (mine was spontaneously with a cute spanish guy).

    Here are some pointers you can remember if you feel awkward though:

    -Close your eyes while kissing so that you can concentrate on the sensation

    -Either your top lip or your bottom lip goes between his depending on what feels best (i suppose you can alternate but generally stay in the same position once you’ve decided)

    -Open your mouth a bit more for a tongue kiss, let your tongues “play” a bit together (it makes sense on the moment) but don’t insist too much on the tongues and make sure you don’t bit the guy’s tongue


    Hope this helps ^^

  • It will come naturally trust me, its just kkinda ꜱᴜcκing on eachothers mouth and pressing toungues toghether. If you can have a little drink before. My first was at a drunken party and it was his first too, it was terrible! spit all over the place but at least we managed, and the second and thirtd are always best. Dont worry about it it will be fine!!

    As the others say go with the flow

    x Good luck!

  • the best thing u could do is play out with the moment go with the flow. At first no one knows where this goes or that but just have fun with it and he or she will enjoy it. Good luck

  • if you’re asking this it doesn’t make you dumb or too young to make out, it just means your not a fasty pants and have never done it b4 and wanna know how. now

  • lol, what did you make a make out appt? You know the exact day and time its going to happen. Don’t worry its not a big as deal as you think, BTW I don’t like making out, I rather just cuddle or something.

  • don’t listen to the person that said talk it out, they are not smart.

    if you talk about how to make-out it is going to be even more awkward. [that’s how you spell it by the way]

    just let him start it off, from there go with the flow.

    don’t slobber all over his face, and don’t shove your tongue down his throat.

    do it lightly, unless he isn’t doing it lightly.

    follow him.

  • If you’re planning on making out, its going to be uncomfortable and awkward. Just let it flow naturally. When it feels right, then do it. And if it is right, then it should be easy. It won’t feel weird or strange, and you should just go with it.

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