How do you make Plaintaines??????

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Crispy ones!!!!!!!!

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  • get a yellow platano (plantain) and slice it up and fry it until crispy. these are sweet after they are fried. they CAN get crispy if you fry them enough. i like mine burnt. so yes they get crispy

    the green fried plantains that you smash are called Tostones. they are not sweet like the yellow plantain. and you often put salt on them after they’re done.

    you ᴘᴇᴇl both types before frying.

    Source(s): my mom is dominican.
  • You need to use ripe plantains when the skin is turning dark and they are a bit soft. Heat oil in a pan and fry them until they are crispy. Sprinkle some salt if you like. They are absolutely divine.

  • Well you can’t make them, but you can buy them at the store.

    While slicing them very thin heat your oil until very hot and then slightly turn down while cooking.

    Let them fry for I think only 45-60sec until golden brown, not long depending on how you cut it!!

    Then have a plate ready with paper towel on it, so the grease can drain and so they can cool. I like my lightly salted and I do this as soon as I place them on the plate.

    I agree!!…I like them crispy..their Good!!

    Source(s): The Cook!!
  • Crispy ones r the green ones,,the other idiots dont know,,the yellow ones will come out soft,,and fry them in any kind of oil……the best when u add garlic!

  • there are two ways that i know of. the Jamaican way is to ᴘᴇᴇl the plantains, cut them on the bias and fry them in oil. that’s if you want them sweet. the crispy salty ones you ᴘᴇᴇl the plantains, then cut them, you fry them once, till they are soft then, you take a heavy pan or spoon and smash them, add a little salt to them, then fry them again till they are crispy. I hope that helps.

  • There was a really good segment of Good Eats (I think it was called Top Banana) that showed how to make them. You have to fry them twice and there is some oven time for them too.

    I have the episode on tape, if you don’t get an answer, sent me an e-mail and I’ll summarize the tape and send it to you.

  • what you wanna do is ᴘᴇᴇl and slice the planton,fry in oil not alot your bascilly gonna sautee them until brown,remove from oil let cool,mash them down flat and re-fry till desired crispiness,drain salt,pepper and garlic powder.

    Source(s): chefjackie
  • Usually plantain is fried, but its also very tasty when grilled…this method dries it out more and makes it crispier than frying. But dont grill it for too long, because its easy to burn if you aren’t careful.

  • My neighbor slices them up to fry and salts them. Thats the only way I’ve ever had them – her kids love it but I was barely able to swallow one even to be polite.

  • Plantains are a sub-species of the banana..and you can ᴘᴇᴇl em and fry em in butter..

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