How do you pronounce/say “black wolf” in japanese?

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please show the english letters and spelling.

7 Answers

  • Here are a few ways you can say it, ordering from the most commonly used in speech to the least common.


    kuroi ookami

    [koo-roy ohh-kah-mee]


    kuro no ookami

    [koo-roh noh ohh-kah-mee]


    koku rou

    [koh-koo rohh]


  • Kuroi ookami


    Koo-roh-ee ooh-kah-mee

    Kuro (black) is a noun, you make it an adjective by making it kuroi. Kuro, kuro no, and koku are all wrong.

    Source(s): Learning Japanese
  • kuroi ookami. Have no idea how to pronounce it.

    Source(s): english to japanese translator
  • KUROOOKAMI: one word

    KUROI OOKAMI: two words

    You pronounce them the way you read them!

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