How do you pronounce Skagen? ?

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I have a Skagen watch and I really like it. I just need to know how to pronounce it properly so that when people ask about my watch I can pronounce it correctly.

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  • In Danish, it’s like SKAY-en, the “a” is long and the “g” is silent

    Source(s): Danish speaker
  • Copied DIRECTLY from the Skagen website:

    Q: How do you pronounce Skagen?

    A: Skagen can be pronounced one of three ways: “Skah-guhn,” “Skay-gen,” or “Skay-en.”

  • kittysue is correct…not at all like the first comment.


    like ska in the word skate

  • The first part “Ska” would be pronunciated like in “scar” or “scarf”, [ska:]

    the second part “gen” would be pronunciated in the British way to pronunciate “again” [e’gen] where the accentuation is on the first syllable, not the U.S. way where it is on the second and sounds like [e’gein].

    [ska: gen]

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