How do you rename programs on the TI-84 plus calculator?

Is there a program that somebody knows of? I found a few things for the TI-83…but they’re not compatible.

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  • download “Mirage OS”, it lets you lock, name and other cool stuff to your programs

    (you can get it from Texas Instruments website)

  • Well, the !easiest method to rename a program without downloading any extra software is to create a new program (with the new name). Then, when you start to edit the blank program, hit [2nd]Sto►. The text ‘Rcl’ should appear at the bottom of the screen. Then, hit [Prgm] and select the one you want to rename (the old one). Make sure it’s not archived. ‘Rcl prgmOLD’ should now be displayed. Press [Enter], and the contents of prgmOLD will be “copied and pasted” into the new one. You can then delete the old program and work with the new one.

    Alternatively, you can downloading a shell like MirageOS or Doors CS and from there rename the program. Of course, you’d first have to make the program display in those shells. Read the manuals to learn how to do so. Here are the places to download them if you’re interested:

  • Sadly, there is no way to rename a program that you have already started to code. BUT, if you put the desired one in a group (2nd+Mem+GROUP) you can overwrite one program verbatim into a new one with a different name.

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  • ya it took me a while to figure this out to. first hit the 2nd key and then the “mem” button (its the + key) then hit the number 2 (or scroll down to mem mgmt/del, same thing) then hit 7 (or scroll down to prgm) hit enter again and there will be a list of programs, hit the delete key next to one to delete it. if you want to delete some apps then you need to scroll down to “apps” instead of scrolling down to prgm and then its the same. so basically 2nd + 2 press delete next to the one u want to delete or apps its 2nd + scroll down to apps, again press delete next to the one u dont want

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