how do you say fire, flame, blaze, and/or any other firey words in different languages?

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I’m looking for a cool name that means fire or flame or whatever to fit my fire character. That’s why I want translations of all the words in at least French, Spanish, German, Italian and one other language of your choice. Many thanks in advance!

can you do the same for ice, crystal, or other icey words? Many thanks!

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  • French:

    Fire: feu

    Flame: flamme

    Blaze: embrasᴇмᴇɴt/incendie (strong blaze, like building fire)

    Happy writing!

  • Flame In Other Languages

  • Fire in French is le feu, in Spanish it’s fuego.

    Flame in Spanish is llama, and vlam in Dutch.

  • Here we go: 1> Gadis – Malay (Malaysia) 2> Ca wedok – Javanese (Indonesia) 3> Nu sheng – Mandarin (China/HK/Taiwan/Spore/Malaysia, etc) 4> Nu zhai – Cantonese (Hong Kong) 5> Ca bo – Hokkien (Taiwan) Unfortunately, i am only fluent in 5 languages above. Else, can help you with more.

  • In Sinhalese (language of Sri Lanka) fire is

    1. Agni(pronounce the ‘g’ as in ‘ugly’ and the ‘ni’ as’nee’)

    2. Gini (pronunced same as ‘guinea’)

  • My middle name in Hawaiian is Keahi- The Fiery One

  • Spanish- Fuego (Fue go)

    French- Flambe (Flam bay)

  • Fire in spanish is “fuego”

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    女生nv sheng (chinese)

  • German: das Feuer.

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