How do you say God in Latin?

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  • Deus is The Word

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    How do you say God in Latin?

  • It depends upon how you’re saying it. In Deo speramus = In God we trust. Credere can be ‘to trust’, but it’s more often translated ‘to believe’ (as in, credulous). If you’re telling someone to do something, it needs the -te ending for a command. So you could use “Credite Deus.” The Vulgate translates Psalms 62:8 (“Trust in Him at all times) this way: sperate in eo omni tempore Sperare = to hope or trust. Sperate Deus = Trust God (telling someone to do it.)

  • deus

    gods kindom=regnum dei

  • Deus is God. Dea is Godess. 🙂

  • deus

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