How do you say ‘shut up’ in Japanese?

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I know there’s plenty of similar questions already answered, but I need specific help. My friend, taking Japanese 1 in America, says ‘shut up’ is ‘udasai’. I have not seen udasai anywhere, book, anime, or internet, but her teacher says that it’s correct.

I’ve been taugh to say ‘urusai’ meaning ‘you’re noisy (be quiet)’ and I believe everyone who says ‘damare’ means shut up, because I’ve also heard it in animes. So, my main point is: Is ‘udasai’ a valid way to say shut up or be quiet? Is it even a Japanese word? Please help.

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PS: My friend is in America, Virginia to be exact. I am in Indonesia and I attend and international school, though our textbook is assumed to be from america, as it has many American references, such as asking what colors are on a US $20 bill.

PPS: I’m trying to find valid proof, so if you can find something I can actually SHOW my friend, that would be helpful. THANK YOU

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  • “udasai” is incorrect. It’s not even a word. It must be “urusai(うるさい)” meaning noisy or annoying, which can have the same meaning with “damare(黙れ)” meaning “shut up” or 静かに[して](shizukani [ѕнι𝓉e]) meaning “be quiet”.

  • うるさい (urusai) means noisy, implying :be quiet:

    静かになれ!shizuka ni nare! Is like: Become silent (or i’ll kick your ***).

  • Your friend probably misheard.

    Urusai, urusee (slang), damare are all OK.

    But udasai is not a word.

  • Shut Up Japanese Translation


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