How do you short out a tv?

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I have an old tv that the wife will not let me get rid of. I am tired of being in the stone age and would love to get rid of my tubed TV. Is there a way to short it out so it does not look like I did it. So I can buy a new one.

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  • ok it is really easy all whta u need is some crazy glow, and to do it just glow one of the butten down whiel holden it , basically if one of the butten is alwayes press the tv would not take the comand to turn on, oh more thing if you got cought make sure you dont tell it was my idea

  • Depending on how old….set it on it’s side and run your vacuum around the picture tube to misalign the guns, Being on it’s side will make the red gun focus on that side even after being upright. I this doesn’t work ,it’s a later model and has a degoussing coil installed and will require a Qualified technician to disconnect it.

    Don’t try to “short it out” as there can be as many as 20,000 volts in there even when unplugged.

  • Why, so that your standard cable programming looks like utter crap on a new HDTV? (Regular cable looks considerably worse on a modern plasma or LCD than on any CRT) Or do you actually want to spend all the extra money on an “upgraded” cable package?

  • If you have the old two screw connection, take an old electric wire and zap the crap out of it. Becareful this could kill you. You can also poor water in the back vents and THEN turn it on. Just a little water.

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