how do you spell resemae?

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  • The accepted American spelling is ‘resume.’

  • You spell it resume. Sometimes people spell it with diacritic marks but it is fine to just spell as resume.

    Other spellings:




    This is the spelling of the word resume which is another word for a job application. I’m assuming that is the word you were trying to figure out the correct spelling of.

  • You can either spell it “résumé” or “resume.” The accent marks are optional because it is a borrowed word from French. With accent marks, it reflects how it appears in French. Without accent marks, it reflects the English transliteration. People often include the accent marks so as to better differentiate it from the word “resume” (pronounced reh-ZOOM), but there are many words that have the same spelling but different pronunciations, like “wind” (what you do to a watch) and “wind” (blowing air), so spelling it “resume” is by no means less correct as it is actually the English spelling of the word.

  • Do you mean “Resume” (with one of those pronunciation marks)?

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