How do you Spell the Call of Tarzan?

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It’s for an english essay!

I have come up with this!


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  • Ahhhhhhh…ahh..ah..ah…ah…ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”


    If this is really for your english essay here’s some links which may help you : )

    Tarzan the Tiger (1929) had a crude soundtrack (sound films were just starting to appear) and so it was Frank Merrill who was the first to voice a Tarzan yell. Unfortunately, it came off sounding as if an elephant had stepped on his toes.

    Tarzan yell was voiced by James Pierce in the 1932 Tarzan radio serial. The cry actually sounded like “Taaar-maaan-ganiiii,” which is means “white ape.”

    I think you should add ‘Me Depressed: Tarzan’s Lament’ song to your essay too ; )…

  • Tarzan Cry

  • the call of Tarzan

  • Sounds right to me I have shouted out your spelling from the patio and every bird and dog and cat in the neighbourhood came running!

  • Oi Jane put the kettle on I’m gasping

    Sorry – I’ll get my coat now

  • Get the kids to answer!! I reckon you’re certainly not far off though. Great fun.

  • haha just like to say…. this is the funniest question on yahoo answers…

    i think you about right

    spell it as it sounds

  • You figure it out.

    I got it as the ring tone on my phone, people fall off there chairs in the pub.…


    Burroughs never did spell it out. He just referred to it as the chilling cry of the great man-ape.

  • I think you got it! xx

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